Top Sony Executive Fired After Pedophilia Allegations

A senior vice president at Sony Interactive Entertainment has been terminated from the company after being reportedly caught in a pedophile sting operation video.

As reported by CNET, George Cacioppo, a senior vice president at SIE, who had been at the company for eight years, was fired after footage from the vigilante justice group People vs Preds alleged he arranged to meet a 15-year-old-boy for sex.

In the video a cameraman posing as the boy in question can be seen walking towards a man they claim to be Cacioppo, before asking if his name is “Jeff”. The man, wearing a PS5 t-shirt and whose face is caught on camera, then quickly heads back into the house before closing the door. Following the interaction between the pair, the cameraman can be heard yelling to the neighborhood, “This guy invited over a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him tonight.”

While the identity of the man hasn’t officially been confirmed, the group also posted a number of screenshots, which they claim detail conversations taking place prior to the encounter on the social media platform Grindr. The messages alleged that the pair exchanged photos on the platform and that the man they claim to be Cacioppo had referred to himself as Jeff before agreeing to meet in person.

A statement from Sony sent to Cnet on Sunday confirmed an employee had been fired: “We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment,” the company said. In a separate statement made to Kotaku, People v Preds confirmed that evidence from its sting operation has “been turned over to the authorities.”