KUNG FURY Official Movie [HD]

Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners.
The campaign that was launched in December 2013 was backed by more than 17 000 people who together gave more than $630 000.

Win a Naruto Figure – Top 100 Manga 2016 Nominations

****Thank you for participating. The nominations are now closed. Contest winners will be announced on 21st June 2015

[16.06.2015] Update: All participants have been sent an email, please reply back by 20th June 2015

Time to start working on our customary Top 100 Manga List. This is a month long affair, wherein, the team would be reviewing, ranking and finally compiling the list of the Top 100 Manga.

We are opening the nominations for the list and making a contest of it. Nominate your favourite manga for the list and at the end of it we will randomly pick a member to receive a prize.

Nomination close on 15th June 2015 and the lucky winner will be getting a Naruto Shippuden: Master Stars Piece – Uzumaki Naruto Figure

Happy Nominating!