Original Audiences Reaction To Watching The Exorcist in 1973

A little glimpse of the mass hysteria that The Exorcist caused during its original theatrical premiere on December 26, 1973, including footage of the audience reactions and the incredibly long lines of people who waited hours upon hours to see the film.

Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – Time To Go To War

Following on from the events of ‘Officer Down’, Batman infiltrates Scarecrow’s safehouse in Gotham City to find a familiar face, and takes on the might of the Arkham Knight’s drone forces in the Batmobile.

Welcome to Otaku Smash

It took us a while but finally we managed to launch the new site OtakuSmash.com (previously MangaKong.com)

We have optimized the code for the site and the manga reader so the reader would now load faster by at least 10% and since many of you previously complained about the previous design being to ‘dark’, this time we have gone with a lighter colored design.

We have lots planned for the site as we envision the site to be more than just a manga reader.

Stay tuned for more to come and thanks for being with us in this journey, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Welcome to the Crazy World of Otakus


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