How it was made: The largest LEGO camper van made of 400,000 bricks

6 weeks construction time. 2 LEGO model builders. 400.000 LEGO bricks. See how the biggest camper van was built out of LEGO bricks. The two certified LEGO model builders Rene and Pascal have built a VW T2a “Bulli” in original size for their biggest project so far.

With the help of 3D programs, the LEGO model builders created a construction plan in advance to determine the approximate amount of bricks required. The first brick was quickly installed and the project started without any problems. However, the construction came to a standstill in the meantime because 20,000 transparent bricks for the windows were missing. The LEGO bricks had to be reordered, which caused the tight schedule to falter. In the following days the missing time had to be made up by night shifts and weekend work.

But in the end the effort was worth it! Just in time for the travel and leisure fair in Munich on 20.02.2019, the world record bulli made of LEGO bricks was completed. Including the Westfalia pop-up roof, the door which was particularly difficult to build and a detailed interior design. Even the refrigerator is filled with things of daily camper life. Everything is made of LEGO, of course.

All information about the project can be found on the trade fair website:

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