Comic Updates:

* Captain Marvel 9
* Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man 10
* Miles Morales Spider-Man 9
* James Bond Origin 12
* Avengers 22
* Monstress 24
* Rick and Morty 52
* The Flash 76
* Wonder Woman 76
* Spawn 299
* Detective Comics 1009

* The Green Lantern 10
* Transformers 10 (2019)
* Immortal Hulk 22
* Justice League 29
* Star Wars 70
* Batman 76

* The Walking Dead 193

* Action Comics 1013 (2019)
* Aquaman 50

* Animosity 22

* Deadpool 15 (2018)
* Detective Comics 1008 (2016)
* Guardians of the Galaxy 7

* Justice League Dark 13
* Lucifer 10

* Nightwing 62
* Savage Sword of Conan 7

* Teen Titans 32
* Thor 015 (2019)

* Uncanny X-Men 22 (2019)
* Young Justice 7 (2019)

* The Empty Man 8

Manga Updates:

* The Gamer Manga 293
* Yotsubato! Manga 103.7
* DICE The Cube that Changes Everything 271

* Days Manga 192
* Baby Steps Manga 352 – 355
* Zettai Karen Children Manga 492

* Cheese in the Trap 04.047
* Days Manga 191
* Zettai Karen Children Manga 491
* Baby Please Kill Me Manga 101

Manga On Demand:

.~ Senyuu – Request by Takuwa [Completed- 04.17] {manga info….}
.~ Days – Request by Nirab [Ongoing- 120*] {manga info….}
.~ Kakegurui – Request by Wayne [Ongoing- 42*] {manga info….}

Request a Manga

We add new Manga only on request. You can send us a Manga request via the contact form and we will add it at the earliest. Please request one at a time [Contact Us]

Top Horror/Psychological Manga

We have started working on the Top 50 Horror/Psychological Manga list

Feel free to nominate your favorite manga for the list


Where do you watch your Anime?

Where do you watch your Anime? Looking for websites to use as a yardstick for our new Anime site.
Thanks for Sharing

Anime Site

What are you currently watching? We will be launching an Anime site soon! Since we are short of resources we have decided to start with only a few good ones. Please recommend your favorite Anime so that we start with only the best and the most watched Anime. Thanks for your time #TeamOS

Merry Christmas

otaku merry christmas 2015

Thanks for all your love and support!

We Love You All #TeamOS

Top Romance Manga

We have started working on the Top 50 Romance Manga list

Feel free to nominate your favorite manga for the list


It’s not you, it’s us

Thank you Timo for bringing this to our notice.

We seem to have messed up few of the uploads, wherein, for some of the chapters and volumes the pages have been numbered incorrectly.

So if you are reading the climax first even before the plot begins, please remember that It’s not you, it’s us.

Please let us know if you come across such chapter and volumes and we will correct them at the earliest ~ Contact The Team

Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Love you All


Which Manga Top List should we complete first?

As you know that currently we are working on multiple Manga Top Lists due to the fact that we get a lot of Manga recommendation requests. But the problem is that a top list can take anywhere between 15-25 days to complete and upload. So let us know which Manga Top List you want us to complete first and we shall work on it accordingly. The Top List getting the maximum votes would be completed first and then the one with the second highest votes and so on.

Thanks for Voting!

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