Binging with Babish: ‘Sundae’ from SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob’s personality is on full display as he loudly, incoherently, and lovably throws together some household sundries in an attempt to make a Sunday sundae. So too shall we – until, of course, we toss it and try to make a better version. Which doesn’t entirely work out. The conch has spoken.

Soon you can raid with your friends together in Pokemon Go from home

pokemon go home raid

Pokémon Go is a game that rewards getting outside, socializing, walking, and playing with friends. Many of those activities are no longer part of daily life for most people — thanks to the COVID-19 virus and the shelter-in-place orders surrounding it. To keep players active and involved with one another, Niantic of Pokémon Go announced the game will see more updates that focus on improving the at-home experience — including remote ways to raid.

Soon, Pokémon Go will track steps and exercise while you’re indoors. According to Niantic, cleaning your house or running on the treadmill will help you accomplish your exercise goals and improve your relationships with your Pokémon via Adventure Sync.

Because social distancing makes finding a group to raid with difficult, Niantic also intends to add a new feature that allows you to complete raid battles with friends without ever leaving your house — as long as players still have the Poké Balls. While Niantic said the feature is coming soon, we don’t have any more insight into how it will work.

As the uncertainty of COVID-19 looms over the summer, Niantic is also working on a new way for players to enjoy Pokémon Go Fest — after the studio postponed its recent Safari Zone. The studio is also exploring new ways for fans to virtually visit some of their favorite outdoor spots.

This announcement comes a few weeks after Niantic’s initial efforts to make Pokémon Go playable without going outside.

It’s unclear when these new Pokémon Go updates will hit live servers.